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consumers please do not do any business with delta performance marine he's a scam . i ordered 2 new factory marine engines worth 783550k.from this business, now he won't return my money or the new engines he's a total fraud don't get fooled by greg slayton he will take your money and leave you hanging.before doing business with him call camden sheriff's dept.

in georgia .i wish i have seen a post like this before i sent him my money. Took out mortgage loan to make this purchase now i have a loan to pay wich i can't, because i couldn't make it for my commercial fishing season,due to him not sending my engines for my fishing vessel.

Monetary Loss: $78350.

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Be careful with his sidekick...paul white aka pickle.....same as greg...a crook ...


Hi Ive unfortunately googled Greg Slayton too late. He has this year in 2013 sent me engines that are seized !

Remanufactured, " all new" but upon inspection seized. The remanufacture process seems to be painting the motor. The guy is a scammer. Im going to sue him and chase down the FBI.

He is a crook.

Everyone needs to be wary. :cry

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #711900

I am from South Africa and been ripped off by Greg Slayton .In addition I cannot recover my engine I sent him for repair geoff

to Geoff #712277

You need to contact special agent in Mobile Alabama that's working with the case . Call agent Christopher B.Graham Tel#251-776-2874 Explain to him your issues you're having with Greg Slayton.


i'm really sorry you were also suckered into his scam,i'm just curious when did you make a purchase from him ? was it recently?, cause if it is then he is still playing his scamming game even after his bankcruptcy.would like to hear from you again on the answer.

wow ! :sigh :sigh


how can I get in contact with you, I have the same problem greg.


the guy filed chapter 7. so i'm just curious if he stole from you after he already filed bankruptcy?if he did then , you need to contact the FBI in Brunswick Georgia.


I too think this Clown has got my money and is screwing me too. He no longer response to emails or phone calls I’m in over 80+ K. I will be talking to my lawyer later but just wonder if anyone else had any luck with the police?


hey cheech he no longer has his delta performance marine business .After filing bankruptcy, he now has new name for his fraudulent business it is in Jax Florida it goes by the name OEAN MARINE ENGINES LLC.Since you live there in Florida go pay him a visit with a sheriff , just maybe you'll have a better chance of collecting your parts, or your money.


I too am having the same problem with greg slayton. calling the sheriffs office help at all?

to cheech #731900

He works in woodbine under all of those business names.Delta marine,Ome sales,ocean marine and about 3 other names he is a weasel and a crook.He re paints old motors out of salvage and try's to pawn them off as low hour motors.Has he ever told you it only has 400 hrs on it?thats what he tells all the poor saps.The employees are left in the dark about all of this and are good people.Greg is just a crook stealing money from hard working people.He will catch the wrong person one day though like someone that used their life saving and they will be livid.Definately contact the authorities about this man what he is doing is illegal.Sorry for the losses but this is an act he is doing alone his employees have no idea.He is a mad man around the shop so they just do as they are told.

to The Truth #734386

This *** artist Greg Slayton needs to be locked up. by the time people look him up it's already too late ,cause he already has their money ,and they become his puppets.

So, he then moves on to his next victim. :sigh

to been there #823443

I got scammed to. If anyone wants to sue him, email me.

I want to start a class action. He ripped me off for USD$70,000 shipping me old engines repainted and represented to be fully re-manufactured.

he is a scammer and a cheat. Email me Matt Gilligan

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